Junior XP Program

Team Xplicit will be registering players this Fall 2019. Deadline to complete this form will be September 30, 2019

Activities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Group Discussions
  • Team Tournaments
  • Mentor-Mentee sessions
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Team Giveaway participation and More


To be eligible to join the program, players must be between ages 13-17 and have Parental consent to participate. You must also own one of the two games we will be having our players play, Fortnite or Rocket League.


  • Must have access to Discord ( Join our Discord ). This will be our first means of communication.
  • Must have the game you are wanting to play, on your Console or PC (Nintendo Switch and Mobile are not allowed)
  • Parental/Guardian Awareness and E-Signature are required. (If it is brought to our attention that you have not received parental/guardian consent to participate, this will result in the immediate removal from the program.)
  • You must be enrolled in School to be considered for this program
  • You must have a C average or better to stay in the program. Anything below a C will result in a temporary probation until Grades have been improved.


Teams will be split based on age group and primary game the player has signed up to play. The following will be the age grouping for our team Junior League:

  • Junior XP ( 13 -14 Years Old )
  • Junior Varsity XP ( 15- 16 Years Old )
  • Varsity XP ( 17- 18 Years Old (If you are 18 and are still in High School then you qualify to participate in the Program.) )

Benefits of the Junior XP Program

  • Gaming Skills for College and Career
    • According to the HSEL (High School Esports League), “Esports takes a massive amount of communication and coordination amongst athletes. It allows for a deeper level of interaction and trains efficient communication. These skills honed in game-play, readies students for life.”
    • The Junior XP Program will allow students to learn valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Some skills they can gain in the program include the following:
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Teamwork
      • Collaboration
      • Goal Setting
      • Preparation
      • Managing Success and Failure
  • Social Engagement & Social Skills Development
    • Gaming is often a solitary activity and students who enjoy gaming are often those who are less involved in school activities. The Junior XP Program provides an opportunity for like-minded students to experience a fun and safe community that builds individual character, prioritizes education and provides a positive gaming community. It will also allow for students to socialize, play together, have fun and build lasting relationships.
    • The Program will offer a platform for each player to connect and network with other Members, Coaches and Owners of the team.
  • Expanded Career Opportunities
    • Esports is a fast-growing industry that offers many career opportunities beyond being a pro player or streamer. Possible careers include, but are not limited to, the following:​
      • Computer Programming
      • Management of Esports Teams
      • Game Development
      • Graphic Design
      • Marketing
      • Video Production
    • As a member of the Junior XP Program, players will have exclusive access to the knowledge and insight of some of our Graphic Designers, Content Creators, Competitive Players, Coaches and the Owners of Team Xplicit, LLC.



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