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Team Xplicit Has Officially Partnered With JuJu Energy

JuJu Energy is more than just another energy drink. It’s a healthy, high energy and focus formula. It is sugar free and has natural caffeine. It was specifically formulated for gamers to increase focus, reaction time, energy and overall performance, so you can win more games and level up without the jitters or crashing! And we definitely don’t want that. Keep in mind that the reason Team Xplicit partnered with JuJu Energy is because there formula was not only built for gaming, but can be used for everyday life. For example, JuJu Energy can be used as a preworkout formula. We’ve also found that this does not also work wonders in the Gym and for Gaming alone, but its helped with focus in the classroom, office/work area and more.


It incorporates health, high-quality ingredients

– Including nootropics, natural energy, B, C, D vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more

– Increases focus, reaction time & energy

– Lutemax2020 Supports eye health and combats blue light strain

– No sugars. Low carbs. Just 15 calories & no junk!

– Clean Energy! No jitters. No crashes!

– Tastes great! No chalky aftertaste

– Formulated and manufactured in the USA

JuJu’s great tasting formula is bursting with ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase energy, focus, reaction time, alertness and eye health. All with no sugars, low carbs and low calories, so you can stay focused and level up – without crashes, jitters or feeling bad about what you just put in your body.


✔ VegiSURGE® natural caffeine for natural sustainable energy without jitters or crashes

✔ Lutemax®2020 for blue light protection and laser-like focus

✔ Bacopa Monnieri for focus and memory recall

✔ Cordyceps Mycelium for fighting fatigue and boosting performance under stress

✔ Alpha GPC for reaction time and cognitive function

✔ B, C & D vitamins + antioxidants for energy and so you get your vitamins!

✔ Pink Himalayan Salt for providing electrolytes to prevent dehydration

JuJu Energy currently has 5 Flavors

– Cherry Bomb

– Lemon Drop

– Blue Raspbery

– Bomber Pop

– Green Apple

All are available in 30-serving tubs for $35.99

Cherry Bomb is also available in single serving packs.

Be sure to get your own tub of JuJu!

Use code  “TEAMXP” at checkout to receive 10% OFF your purchase.

Welcome to the XP Community, JuJu Army!


GET YOUR TUB HERE <– click here

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