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About Us

Dedicated to the Game

Team Xplicit is a gaming organization, in the Esport’s Industry established in 2019. Our goal is to groom as many talented up and coming gamers and content creators as we can in this industry and to provide our supporters with top notch content. We are also dedicated to creating a great atmosphere for our players and empowering them to exceed past their own limits and spur outstanding performances while partaking in the tournaments in the league

Team Xplicit is established to serve the significant market need where players find great atmosphere and remarkable experience. We produce a thirst among our players for competition and a desire to share excitement and experiences with their network.

Embodiment of Gaming Culture

Team Xplicit is here to help players and content creators learn more about the esport industry to better scale their content and gameplay at a professional level. “Gain XP Together” is our motto and we live by it.

While coming from diverse backgrounds, the players of Team Xplicit are driven by common pursuits; a passion for gaming, a thirst for competition and a desire to share our excitement and experiences. Contact us today to learn more.